Here at Wall 2 Wall Insulation / Eco Insulation Canterbury, we strive to offer what we believe to be the best brands and products on the market for quality and performance at a competitive price. We won’t recommend you a product we don't believe in and wouldn't put into our own home or feel comfortable installing.

Try us - we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


We take pride in being your first choice installers in Christchurch, blending our expertise and skills with our commitment to delivering the absolute highest standard of service and workmanship, in order to make sure that we are completing all insulation installations on time, to plan, with a great product and with the best possible results. As your answer for insulation experts, we have comprehensive experience with all the different insulation products, allowing us to pick what we believe to be the best products to go forward with.

As your answer for professional insulation installation, we operate under the principles of quality and customer satisfaction. We are proud of what we do and set out to make sure that all pre-line deadlines are met with no fuss or issues and that ALL of our customers are satisfied and happy with the product installed and the service provided. For us, customer service is KEY.

To ensure that we deliver absolute customer satisfaction to all our clients, we have processes in place that we go through with our customers to ensure that the installs are on time, completed without a hitch and you are left with tidy, professional results.

We stand by our service and our products, showcasing a thorough understanding of the new build, retrofit and EQC insulation/builder’s needs.

Insulation for Rentals

We can assist landlords to cost effectively have insulation installed in ceilings and underfloors. Check out our specialised service for rental property owners and managers.

Retrofit and Renovation

We offer a very simple process to help you with your improvments. Contact us and we will arrange for one of our team to visit your house, look at the options that will improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your place.

New House Insulation

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your home, and how we can improve the comfort and energy efficiency - without adding huge costs.

Commercial Project Insulation

We are a specialist installer of insulation systems for commercial and large scale projects.

Acoustic Insulation

We offer a wide range of acoustic insulation products from leading manufacturers.

Slab Edge And Underslab Insulation

Buildings with exposed slabs or with underfloor (hydronic) heating could perform far better by having slab insulation installed.

Blow-in Solution For New & Existing buildings

Super high performance, non-combustible glasswools designed for injection into timber & steel frame construction. Providing thermal, acoustic and fire resistant barrier. Fills gaps, voids & hard to reach areas around pipes, electrical wires & fixtures.

Clean Heating and Extraction Ventilation

We offer choices of clean heating (heatpumps and clean burning fires) together with extraction ventilation systems for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry areas.